COMMERCİAL CREDİT - Financing the business: right information, right investment. COMMERCİAL CREDİT - Financing the business: right information, right investment.




Commercial loan is a type of loan given by banks to companies operating in commercial activities. It is the credit that businesses receive for many reasons such as continuing their activities, expanding their production and sales network and so on.

There are many types of loans. However, the difference from the most well-known personal loan type is that commercial loan is a loan given to real persons in personal loan to businesses. Compared to commercial loans, which require certain collateral when used, no collateral is provided up to a certain amount in personal loans. In addition, the company has to present its financial statements to the banks to prove its ability to repay the loan.

Sba 7
Wells Fargo


Businesses are divided according to factors such as maturity period and collateral for the commercial loans they obtain in order to continue their activities. We discuss these types of loans below.

1. Current account with debt: These loans are paid quarterly. It is a type of loan whose interest rate can change at the end of the year.

2. Spot loan: In this loan, the payment amount, interest and maturity remain constant. When the market interest rate changes, the interest rate of this loan does not change and remains constant. So the risk situation is low.

3. Open loan: It is a type of loan given to companies that banks constantly work with, trust and have high credibility. There is no interest on this loan. It is a type of loan given to companies that are generally engaged in export and import activities to provide the necessary financing in these transactions.


In this type of loan, a maturity of up to 10 months can be provided, starting from at least 5 months. It is a loan generally used when purchasing fixtures for the company. 25% of the loan is taken in advance and taken under mortgage. Loan processing begins after the bank has appraised the property by conducting an expert review to determine its value.


It is possible to find banks in almost every country that gives these loans around the world. While big banks such as AKBANK, YAPI KREDİ, İŞBANK in Turkey give these loans, financial institutions such as JPMorgan Chase, Capital One, Bank of America in Europe give these loans.



There are two types of loans for those who want to use commercial real estate loans. Sba 7 credits and sba 504 credits. These loans are issued by the small business administration. Sba 7 loans are backed loans of up to $5 million. Sba 7 loans can be used both for working capital and to buy commercial real estate. In order to get an Sba 7 loan, it is necessary to have at least 680 credit points and to deposit 10% of the value of the real estate to be purchased. Interest rates are between 5% and 8.5%, and 10 and 25-year terms can be applied.

Sba 504 loans; It can be used up to 90% of the commercial real estate price. The maturity of the Sba 504 loan is up to 20 years and 10 years for hardware purchases. Interest rates are between 3.5% and 5%. Businesses with a net worth of less than $15 million and an income of less than $5 million are a type of loan. We have listed the institutions that give this loan for you below;

1. Wells Fargo; It is a San Francisco-based financial institution founded by Henry Wells and William G. Fargo, operating since 1852.

2. TD Bank

3. US Bank

4. JPMorgan Chase

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