HOW TO FİND FİNANCİNG - Financing the business: right information, right investment. HOW TO FİND FİNANCİNG - Financing the business: right information, right investment.



Tired of working and making someone else rich. Now it's time to start rolling up your sleeves for the job you envision in your own imagination. You have thought of everything, you have found solutions for income and expense, at which points you will have problems. Your market research is ok. Your feasibility is ready. But you got stuck in one place and that is the money. Where will you find it? Who gives you that much money? The support that can come from your family is obvious, but it is not enough. In this article, we will tell you how to fınd the fınance for the business you want to do.

If your initiative is operational and makes a few small touches on human life, believe me, success will come by itself. Of course, if you do not have a capital to activate, it will be in search, but it should not be like a snake falling into the sea. Finding like-minded people around you and talking to them gives you both encouragement and ideas. Maybe they want to partner with you. Here you have already found the first shareholder. First of all, start from your environment, but do not prolong your conversation with people who will distract you from your opinion. Because they can discourage you and even alienate you from that job. It should not be forgotten that even your closest friend will not want you to come to a good position; they will make negative comments on you.

Angel investors


Yes, let's start now. It's time to answer your questions such as where to find capital, how to find financing. We have listed several methods for you below.


They are people who are ready to pay in cash or stocks for the venture to be started. These people want to be in the initiative personally and be informed about every stage of the activities. They want to invest more in startups that yield 25% profit, and they generally do not enter rates below this. Angel investors have some advantages as well as disadvantages. E.g ; The biggest advantage is finding the capital for your venture. Another advantage is that you do not have to pay back when your attempt fails. Your first angel investor can be your advertisement. Angel investors talk among themselves, share ideas, maybe other angel investors may want to partner with you. They can act as a bridge. There are many examples of this. When it comes to the disadvantages of angel investors, two important points emerge. Angel investors can fully own your venture and meddle in anything. And let's say when your company makes a profit, they may want to take the profits from the company immediately.

As a source of financing, it is divided into two as free market and public financing. Banks can be given as an example as a free market resource. Public funding sources are divided into two parts: activity supports or capital supports given by the states. Capital-supported loans given by governments are generally offered as tax deductions and social security premium support. Free market financing provided by banks

  1. long-term loans
  2. short-term loans
  3. Development loans
  4. Equipment financing

It can be diversified.

Apart from these, the most striking method of finding financing is the SBA MICRO LOAN PROGRAM. It offers business loans up to $50,000. And finally, we would like to talk about a type of financing that may be very useful for you. Factoring; It is an agreement made to transfer the income to be obtained from the sales of goods and services to the factoring company. After a wider research on this subject, we will give you very explanatory information.

We will continue to provide you with information about examples of finding financing. Do not forget to support us.

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