HOW TO WRİTE A BUSİNESS PLAN - Financing the business: right information, right investment. HOW TO WRİTE A BUSİNESS PLAN - Financing the business: right information, right investment.





You are a business owner or you have a new business idea and you want to bring it to life. Maybe you put too much effort into this job. You have done market research, made industry-specific analysis or thought about all the negativities, and as a result, you saw a profit in your new idea or business. You sought support to make this happen. Let alone calling, maybe you didn't explain your job correctly to the supporter you found. You explained the business as a reality, but if you could not achieve this financially, it will cause the supporter you find to not look at your job, even if it is your friend.

When you are telling your business idea to your friends or a real investor, that is, an angel investor, it is not described in a sketchy way. You need to have financial documents on hand. In these documents, you have to present the capital required for the business, the rate of return on the investment, the payback period of the investment and the worst case scenario. For this, you need to make a business plan.

Most of the investors, that is, angel investors, give positive answers to businesses with neat, orderly and simple business plans, reaching up to 70%. However, based on these data, 90% of entrepreneurs stay away from making a business plan. However, we can list the benefits of the business plan as follows;


1. The growth rate of businesses with a business plan has been determined as 31%.

2. Enterprises with a business plan have an investment and loan utilization rate of 51%.

3. A business with a business plan has a 130% probability of growth, while a business starting from scratch as a new venture has a 250% probability of growth.




It can be said that it is your timeline for the growth of your business. It is a document that shows what your goal is and where you want to go. Angel investors or credit institutions want to find out what they expect from your company by looking at your business plan. They make a negative return for every point they can't find. For this, the business plan is very important. Angel investors in your business plan;

 a) Product – Market fit

b) Number of personnel

c) Fixed costs

d) Sales volume

They want to access such data.

The requirement of a business plan; arises when your search for financing, investment or loan arises, a new partner is sought, or a change is needed.



A. Executive summary: you are required to write a one-page text that presents general information about your business.

B. Your company description: it should be a text explaining the foundation of your business, the benefits it provides to humanity, and why your idea is so important.

C. Market research:

a) Location

b) Income

c) Gender

d) Education

You are expected to write a notification containing such information.

D. Competitive analysis: It is an analysis made to identify companies that do the same job as you in the market you enter and to determine their strengths and weaknesses.

E. Product or service description: It is an analysis that explains what features your product has, its benefits to the environment, and what benefits it has for your customers.

F. Your marketing strategy: it is a plan that includes all the information that can set you apart from the competition, from what type of ads to use what slogan to use.

G. Financial statements: Investors, ie angel investors, will want to learn financial information about your company. Usually this information consists of:

a) Income statement

b) Profit-loss statement

c) Cash flow statement

d) Balance sheets

e) Your liquidity ratio

It is a document that presents such information.

H. Identify partners: It is a document that presents information such as the education status and careers of your partners or employees, if any, in the company establishment.

NS. Your loan or financing request: It is a document that explains the amount of capital required for your business or idea, in the why and how query.

J. Company incorporation documents and permits: a document containing your business title deeds, working papers and permits, state and federal identification information.

In short, your business plan is a plan made in order to clarify what you aim for, how soon you can reach your goal, how much your financial forecasts match, to know your market demographically, to see all the negativities that may come your way.

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