AKBANK - Financing the business: right information, right investment. AKBANK - Financing the business: right information, right investment.



AKBANK: It is a bank that was established on January 30, 1948 in Adana with private capital, that is, by the wealthy of the region, in order to provide financing to cotton producers in the Adana region. It opened its first branch in Istanbul two years later, in Sirkeci on 14 July 1950. After moving its general directorate to Istanbul in 1954, it increased the number of branches. In 1963, it made a revolution within itself and moved its activities to the automation system.



The company went public in 1990 and started trading in 1998 as an American warehouse stock to be traded in international markets. AKBANK's activities include corporate banking, investment banking, commercial banking, SME banking, retail banking, payment systems, treasury transactions, private banking and international banking services. The Bank also carries out insurance activities under the name of Aksigorta and agesa Emeklilik ve Hayat A.Ş. under Sabancı Holding.



It continues its activities in Sabancı holding towers and 21 regional directorates across the country. It continues its activities with 770 branches and 12.000 employees in Turkey. Akbank continues its services with its high technological know-how, with its 18 million registered customers and branches, as well as the internet, Akbank mobile, call center, nearly 5,000 ATMs and more than 600 thousand pos terminals.

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It continues to serve its customers by following the technology very closely and with the principle of human-oriented work. With its 70 years of trust and experience, it ranks first in the list of Turkey's most reliable banks. Akbank continues its digital banking activities with a system that tries to offer the best value to its customers with its mobile and internet branch system and never gives up on its customer satisfaction experience.


It is a company that brings together the trends and innovations in the Turkish banking sector with its customers. The bank, which closely follows the technologies of the future and works integrated with its innovation team, established the innovation center Akbnak laboratory in 2016.

In 2018, it provided convenience to its customers with projects such as face recognition technology, mobile money transfer from mobile phones, bill payment blockchain infrastructure and international money transfer in order to keep up with technological developments and create solutions for its customers. By establishing its banking center in 2010, it increased its efficiency and service quality.



Continuing its activities abroad, Akbank continues its services with its branch in Malta. With its Ak pay mobile application and prepaid card infrastructure, it provided solutions to the financial needs of its non-bank customers and young people. Akbank, which also operates in non-banking services, carries out financial services, capital markets and investment services through white portfolio and white leasing.


It was deemed worthy of the best bank of Turkey award in 2018, and received the euromoney and global finance awards. In the 2018 research of the international brand rating agency BRAND FINANCE, it was selected as the most valuable brand of TURKEY for the seventh time in a row.


Continuing its activities with the responsibility of creating sustainable value for the Turkish economy, Akbank's support in 2019 amounted to TL 269 billion, TL 227 billion in cash. This year, the support provided to the real sector through SME loans and corporate loans amounted to TL 223 billion. Its shares are traded on Borsa Istanbul (BIST) with a free float of 51.2%. Abroad, the Bank's "Level 1" ADR depository receipts are traded on the OTC market in the USA. As of December 31, 2019, Akbank's market capitalization is USD 7.1 billion.


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