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Behind every success story there is always a failure and patience.

Every successful person has a life full of challenges. Today we would like to talk to you about a company that is globalizing in the world. We will talk about a company that was born in China and is now globalizing in the world. ALIBABA.COM's story has also gone through many failures, but jack ma is a name that doesn't give up.

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The story of a young man who has always been unsuccessful in his business and general life, and his indomitable, indomitable story are perhaps at a level to inspire us. Jack ma, whose real name is Ma Youn, was a student with a passion for learning English. He very much wanted to learn English. For this, he had the opportunity to visit the places where tourists are concentrated and talk to them, and he thought that this would improve his English. Despite being unsuccessful at school, she finished with double stitching and now has to go to college. He had Harvard University in mind. Although he applied 10 times, he was always rejected. He eventually got a job teaching English at a university in his hometown.


After graduating from school, he had to go into business and earn money. He took the police exams to become a policeman, but although he was one of the 5 people who passed the exam, he was the only person who was not considered suitable for the police and was not recruited. When KFC entered the Chinese market, it could not find a place in its 25-person staff, and 24 people who applied to it were recruited, and he was the only one who was not hired. Do you think it's coincidence or luck? Was the divine power pulling him somewhere else? In 1995 he went to the USA as a translator. While working there, he met the internet thanks to a friend. He loved the internet. An idea formed in his head. He established a website called English translation in his own branch. But he didn't take it either.


He is establishing a site that will promote the products of Mac China, which has returned to its country. While it wasn't successful for its own good at first, it was very successful for Chinese manufacturers. Companies started to promote and even sell their products to the world, but could not make a profit from it. When he returned to the USA, he met many angel investors who started looking for partners on, but no one believed or invested in his project. He needed to find money. He needed resources to run and grow his business. At first he considered collecting donations through the site. However, only registered users can participate in this donation, which will be insufficient. He had an idea and decided to present his company to the public. This way, people from all over the world can partner with his company and find the resource they are looking for. It so happened that he took his company public in China and grew by raising all the necessary capital for his company.


Now, it continues its adventure as a company that has managed to become one of the few e-commerce sites in the world, reaching more than 110 million people and increasing its value to 3 trillion dollars.


• The largest b2b (firm to firm) e-commerce platform.

• It brings together buyers and sellers from 241 countries.

• It has 46 million registered users worldwide, of which 35.8 million are from China.

• has 600 thousand paid users.

• It has offices in 51 different countries.

              • The total number of employees of Alibaba Group is 18 thousand.

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