İKEA - Financing the business: right information, right investment. İKEA - Financing the business: right information, right investment.


It all starts with a very interesting idea about household items with a 17-year-old boy and now we will talk about ikea and ikea financing, which are in demand with the financing options named by his company.

We're pretty sure we spent hours moving and assembling the furniture. It is very tiring and also very tiring. Furniture was not made with automatic machines as it is now, it was demanding, heavy in load and also costly.



It all started with Ingvar buying and selling water, chewing gum, seeds and pencils from the grocery store, as every child does. Iningvar, who was 6 years old when he started this business, was helped by his aunt financially. The biggest supporter of ingvar, who lost his father at an early age and had to live with a bad grandmother, was his grandfather. When he was 17, his grandfather gave Ingavar some money. He uses this money to start his business, which he will later call IKEA. This unique name consisted of its own initials. In 1943, ingvar founded IKEA and started to sell orders with a very interesting sales system, namely by letter. He goes to many cities of Sweden to sell, visits all manufacturers and makes deals. In fact, his sales by letter laid the foundations of the ikea catalog, which will be a part of the company culture he will create in the future. The agreements he made with domestic manufacturers expanded his product range and he decided to print brochures preparing ikea new. Due to her dyslexia, she had trouble remembering order numbers and decided that it would be easier to name the furniture herself. That explains the billy library. Growing business in a short time, ingvar hired its first employee in 1951. Two years later it hired eight more people. In 1959 it had exactly 100 employees.


It all started with a 17-year-old boy who started with a very interesting story about furniture that every home needs. We're pretty sure we spent hours moving and assembling the furniture. It is very tiring and also very tiring. Furniture was not made with automatic machines as it is now, it was laborious, heavy and costly.

Mail order in the 1950s was very costly and time consuming. They needed to show the products to their customers before purchasing them. For this reason, he opened his first store in Almhult, Sweden in 1953. His customers were many. The idea of ​​offering coffee and cookies to customers at the entrance was also effective. This was the foundation of ikea's in-store restaurants. In 1965, rivals ingvar began to threaten, local producers hesitated to supply. He also decided to manufacture his own furniture. The idea of ​​modular furniture came to his mind and he started to produce furniture that could be packaged and then assembled. Thanks to this idea, it not only reduced labor costs, but also reduced shipping costs and saved storage costs. Day by day, things were getting better. Ikea started to open new stores every year. Denmark 1969, Switzerland 1973, Germany 1974, Australia 1975, Canada 1976, Australia 1977 and the Netherlands 1979. Ikea opened its largest store in Stockholm, Sweden in 1965. He opened his first store in Paris in 1981. 



In 1984, 45 million copies of the IKEA catalog were printed. Today it had the largest catalog in the world, with 190 million prints and 9,500 items. In 1986 ingvar retired and was replaced by Anders Moberg, chairman and chief executive, who remained in office until 1999.

Now, with 253 stores in 24 countries and 32 dealers in 12 countries, Ikea has created a huge home furnishing empire with 9,500 different products. More than 560 million people visit ikea each year, and the company has 1380 vendors in 54 countries. 191 million IKEA catalogs are published each year in 27 languages. Forbes magazine's 2008 billionaires named ingvar Kampard the 7th richest businessman with a fortune of 31 billion dollars.


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