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A country in the north of the North American continent, formerly known as the Dominion of Canada, divided into 10 provinces and 5 territories. Fishing and farming are among the most important livelihoods. Since Canada is a country that attracts worldwide attention, tourism revenues are also quite good. The country, which is advanced in mining, provides resources to the country's economy in this regard.The central provinces of Central Canada, Ontario and Quebec are the regions with the most population. Ontario and Quebec are the country's manufacturing centers. Many small and large businesses are located in these states. In the provinces of Manitoba, Saskatchewan, and Alberta, agriculture is done on large, fertile soils. Oil, natural gas, gold, lead and silver are mined in Yukon, the northwest lands and the Nunavut region. In terms of tourism, there are rocky mountains at the end of the flat plains. The most beautiful place in the country are its high peaks and rocky mountains.

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The country, which has a width of 7,000 kilometers from east to west, can be reached from one end to the other by car in 7 days and by plane in 7 hours. 31 million people live in an area of ​​this size. Ottawa, as the capital city of Canada, has a population of close to 1 million. largest cities:

Toronto-ontario 4.4 million population

Montreal-Quebec 3.4 million population

Vancouver-British Columbia has a population of 1.9 million.

The main language of the country is French. Most French people live in the province of Quebec, but the majority of French are also felt in other provinces. The proportion of French living in Ontario and New Brunswick provinces outside of this province is 75%. The provinces of Manitoba, Alberta, and British Columbia, nova scotia, and saskatchewan have a population distribution of 75,000.


You can find everything about luxury living in this country. The standard of living is very high in the country, which has the power of technology, free market eco system and high production models. The main livelihoods are fishing, forestry, mining, natural gas fields and farming. It is a world leader in telecommunications, biotechnology, space technology and pharmaceuticals. It is a member of the North American free trade agreement (naphta). It has a decimal currency system. It has the simplest currency, the kana dollar. 5,10,20,50 and 100$ banknotes are used. It is a bilingual country. Both English and French languages ​​are spoken. Although the average air temperature varies according to the states, it is measured as 27 degrees at the highest and -7 degrees at the lowest.

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It is a country with a very competent and wide network of health services. Health insurance is issued to the state government. States regulate the health insurance budget themselves. Foreign students british colombia-bristish colombia for residency stay more than 6 months, alberta stay more than 12 months and health insurance is free for students staying in saakatchewan states. Such an advanced health insurance would of course be expensive. In states other than these states, individuals must have personal health insurance.


Being a student in Canada is a privilege. Because in this country, which is perfect in everything, it provides the opportunity to learn two languages. It is proof of how advanced the education system is with its world-famous schools. Competing with American and British schools, Canadian schools only host tourist students from all over the world in this system, and this is becoming an industry. The most preferred states by students are the states of Vancouver and Toronto. These two provinces are among the most beautiful and cultural cities of the country. In order to receive education in the country, the state has some conditions, these are;

Acceptance letter from the school to be studied

Having a certain limit on your bank account

Evidence that you will return after the training is over

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University education in Canada is subsidized by the government. Education in this country is cheaper than in the United States. Universities are also higher than both US and UK universities in terms of education quality. Academic months are between September and November.

some universities;

University of British Columbia (vancouver)

University of Toronto (Toronto)

University of Alberta (edmonton)

University of Waterloo (waterloo)

York University (Toronto)

University of Western Ontario (London)

University of Montreal (Montreal)

University of Ottawa (Ottowa)

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