Today we will tell the story of how a restaurant chain turned into a big company. Dominos pizza is a company that has managed to survive in its 72-year adventure.

Who doesn't love pizza? Ready meal with sausage, cheddar cheese, corn and mushrooms on thin dough. With an ice-cold Coke, that's the whole point. Today we will introduce you to the best selling pizza brand worldwide. It's called domino pizza. It is a brand that was founded in 1960 and has a very interesting story.



Dominick Divarti, an Italian-born business owner in Michigan, USA, opened a shop near Eastern Michigan University in 1963. Of course, this operator, whose aim was to serve university students and earn money from there, did not know that this business would make a lot of money when he transferred the shop years later. One day, a student named Tom Monoghan comes to the shop. While eating, he starts chatting with Dominick. He asks Dominck if he knows anyone who can help him get his tuition while he's looking for a job. As the conversation progresses, the dominck shop sells this young man for $500. Everything starts from here.

According to today's economic conditions, Tom buys the shop for $5250. Tom finds a way to make things faster. In fact, this path is developing a business that will be very popular around the world 60 years from now. First, he buys himself a Volkswagen beetle vehicle and starts serving pizza to homes. And exactly one year later, Tom opens his third branch.

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Dominos, which established its first website in 1996, broke a record by taking pizza orders worth 2.9 billion dollars that year. In those years, not everyone has a mobile phone, the king of e-mailing begins to give e-mail addresses with the extension "Hotmail" to those who register on the site and start taking orders via e-mail. There was only one problem left, and that was the pizzas that got cold on the way. In 1998, Tom patents a bag he calls the hearwave. This bag keeps the pizza hot.

As technology advances over the years, dominos pizza is moving forward to keep up with these innovations. When it comes to 2007, the phone order period begins and a year later, they add the order tracking system to their website and start to provide information about the status of the pizza. Dominos makes 61% of its sales over the phone.


In 2015, the auto brand partnered with Ford to design a custom driverless vehicle that packs 85 pizzas. In 2016, 155 units of the dxp vehicle were developed and pizza service began to be offered to US customers for testing purposes. It seems that the vehicles that are still in test drive will be in service in many places in the near future.

In 1998, due to old age, Tom transfers 93% of his business to a bain capital company for $1 billion.

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