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I have attended many sales trainings in my 25 years of business life. I was constantly improving and nothing ever stayed the same; I attend these trainings because I believe in the "grow or regress" idea. I learned valuable things from all of these trainings, but they had one common flaw. All they do is try to teach a sales professional how to sell an expensive product to a senior executive. this is not wrong of course. However, 1% of the population does not experience such a situation. In other words, it's all about job training. Everyone's purchase of nature is different. Each of these programs is filled with new inquiry methods designed to lead potential customers to a solution offered by a salesperson. Words like "review" and "direct" are often used. They even debated who would put together the thickest book with lots of "filling in the words" exercises. I know this because my desk is also dusty and I have too many books to fill. The instructors were all very nice people, but they asked a familiar series of questions to "explore themselves" to talk to the crowd or fill the time allotted.




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I learned some of these trainings, but most of what I learned was not permanent. Maybe it's just me, but as far as I know, my colleagues and partners think so too.

I failed in the first ten years of sales. I worked on sales techniques; I researched the top sales professionals in the field, but made no progress. Then I realized that I was researching the wrong technique, the wrong person. However, I still need to ask myself and the sales community a few questions. Is there a training program that teaches you how to interview, how to impress your boss, how to impress as the only person you need to remember? Is there a training program that gives bank managers a little more risk and decides to lend more? If she's not listening to her qualifications, is there a training program that will make sure your daughter learns to go to summer school to learn more than you should? Having a training program makes your employees' work more productive, does they listen to you and benefit from your ideas?


It is human nature to buy a product or service or bring an idea to life. So why do we need to "fool" people into making decisions? How can we get people to say "yes" in the first seconds of comparisons before talking about our product, service or idea?

The paragraph above is where the title of the book appears. You can get people to agree with you in advance and have a product or service available to you in seconds. Here are powerful tools to do just that, in the first part of the book.

With this book we will develop the ability to influence. By understanding the methodology well, you will achieve remarkable results in your life.



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