marketing for small business - Financing the business: right information, right investment. marketing for small business - Financing the business: right information, right investment.



Approximately 98.9% of enterprises in developed countries are SMEs or small and medium-sized enterprises. While small businesses usually do their business in physical stores and offices, most of them take their place in the digital world and continue their activities there. Brand awareness and attracting customers to their digital platforms are the most important factors for businesses in this period through digital marketing.


When applying a digital marketing strategy, it is important to increase sales by reaching people in the product group and certain marketing tactics.


The biggest problem in small businesses is that the brand is not known and it is difficult to reach the customer. The relationship with customers causes us to use personalized marketing. The aim of this strategy is to reach customers more easily and increase brand loyalty.

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This approach is actually a strategy that consists of collecting data about the customer, product, market, analyzing and interpreting this collected data. The benefits of this strategy are:

  • Improving the customer experience; Operations such as subscribing to the customer, filling out forms, filling out surveys cause the customer to become dependent.
  • Increasing brand loyalty; The customer, who spent time by gaining experience, has now become a potential customer of the brand and his communication with your brand has increased.
  • increased interaction; We can say that this is an advertisement work in the digital environment. To provide your customers with information about your products or campaigns via email, social media and your website. This increases your interaction with customers.
  • Feedback; Thanks to the feedback from the customers, information such as what they like, what they need and when to reach them is provided.


There are also some difficulties in implementing personalized marketing. The concept of time is very important. Reaching the customer on time is a very important concept to convert your product into sales. It can be explained as follows; You have a product suitable for summer and you don't have to wait for summer to interact with it. You need to reach that customer in the first spring months. Another issue is the channels through which you can reach the customer. E.g ; In summer, people don't watch TV, they usually spend their time outside or wandering around cafes. If you advertise on television, you cannot choose the right channel.

As a very small personalized sales effort, we can list the following.

  1. Personal discounts
  2. Sending special occasion messages and emails
  3. Customer-specific shopping campaigns
  4. gift certificate


If you ask what are the methods used in this strategy, they are as follows.

  1. email marketing
  2. registration forms and surveys
  3. video marketing
  4. product recommendations and social media marketing
  5. e-commerce site ads


In today's technology, there are many social media platforms such as facebook, instagram, tiwit and it continues to grow. People spend most of their time in these applications and access a lot of information from here. Brands are doing their best not to miss these opportunities. You can talk about your brand awareness, brand language and brand story by highlighting your brands on these platforms. The name given to all these works is storytelling. For the sake of clarity, this method is also called storytelling. When telling your stories, you need to pay attention to the subjects that appeal to people's emotions. You have to make people react to the given message. E.g; such as liking, sharing. You should try to be memorable by giving technical information.

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