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It is a location recognition application that was released in the USA in 2004. This site, which is open for web or mobile use, went live all over the world in 2012.

Reaching 8.3 million users worldwide, yelp biz provides many benefits to both businesses and individual users.

The program, which you can use with mobile application or the web version, contains guides for shopping malls, hairdressers, entertainment venues, hospitals and many other places that have become the focal point in your region by using your location information. Contents in the application are created by users.



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Applications that use location information continue to provide many benefits for humanity. Every day, many new applications are emerging that try to serve using location information. Many applications that emerged in the early 2000s tried to benefit from this system. Facebook, instagram, whatsapp are the most known applications that use location information. It is good progress for humanity that new entrepreneurs realize human needs and develop their initiatives in this direction.

It brings all the businesses around you in front of you by making use of your location information. Thanks to the users, you can see the service quality of these enterprises with the scoring system. Businesses gain customers thanks to this scoring. Regardless of your business type, you can register your business on yelp as a hairdresser, restaurant, entertainment venue, hospital, pharmacy, shopping mall, making it easy for people to find you. Like Google my business, it is a site that contains both address, website and phone information.

Like some hangout apps, yelp has features like adding friends. The most important feature that distinguishes Yelp from other applications is that it is an application based on comments and reviews about places and what needs to be done in those places.

Yelp offers the most comprehensive guide service you can choose to have fun in the cities you visit for the first time. It shows you both the most popular places in the city and the most visited places on the map.

The app has attracted over 179 million visitors across 33 countries across desktop, mobile and platforms to help people discover new places. According to alexa, an internet ranking criterion, it is ranked 43rd among the most visited sites in the USA. With approximately 93 million registered users and 185 million reviews, users make up 34% of people aged 18-35, 35% of people aged 36-54, and 30% of people aged 55 and over.


yelp biz marketing tips for businesses

As a business owner, how can you create a Yelp business page that ranks well in customer searches and gets great reviews?

You can login to the application with your Google or Facebook account. When registering, take care to record your business information completely. In particular, make sure your address information is correct. Otherwise, your customers won't be able to find you. Examine your competitors, pay attention to how they post images, how they promote their business with short keywords. If you want much more positive reviews, you should add more content to your business profile than your competitors. Let's say you Google "dry cleaning service" and you will see that there are several pages of results on the first page. This means that Yelp biz pages are indexed and crawled by Google; so you need to optimize your yelp pfofil for features similar to a website.

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