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Formerly called google app suite, google suite or g suite, now google workspace, is a cloud-based google suite business for enterprise companies. You can create and store all documents, pictures and notes in your business life. You can save all your work online and share it with people you define as users. Small and large businesses, private and public schools, associations, and anyone you can think of can use G Suite. With this application, you can make video conferences and organize meetings with anyone with a camera with e-mail invitations. It is a nice application where you can do all your work, whether online or offline. Since it is a cloud-based system, you can store and keep your work safe. This application makes updates automatically and you always have the opportunity to work with the current version. Keeping security at the forefront, it stores all your documents and notes in Drive by verifying in 2 steps. G Suite offers 15GB of storage on the basic plan with a 30-day free version. The G suite contains many applications. 

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GMAIL: gmail, a free email account, was launched on February 7, 2007 with 1GB of storage per user. Today, it offers 15 GB of storage space thanks to  Drive. Gmail is available in over 41 languages.

MEET: It is a video conferencing program. You can video chat up to 250 users. Meet, which can be downloaded for free from Google play; With artificial intelligence, it can translate conversations into French, German, Portuguese and Spanish.

CHAT: It is an application that phone users can use for messaging instead of sms. It is similar to WhatsApp with some features. It is easy to use just like whatsapp with its read receipt, online information, photo and video sharing features. To use the program, enter the messages section of your phone, press the three dots at the top right, press the chat features button in the settings tab and click the upgrade option from this section, you will activate chat.

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google suite


CALENDAR: It is a calendar application. Its biggest feature is that it works compatible with gmail, drive, contacts, sites and Meet. You can plan for yourself by checking the availability of your in-house friends. With this application, which works on computers, tablets and phones, it is now possible to make easier plans.

GOOGLE DRIVE: It is an application where you can store and share your files and pictures and access them easily whenever you want. To use  Drive, you must have a gmail account. File types that can be shared with Google Drive;

      1. spreadsheets, slides, and forms
      2. Microsoft Word, excel and power point presentations
      3. Photo, audio, video and text files
      4. Adobe photoshop and adobe illustrator works
      5. Compressed file types (rar,zip)
      6. Graphic files (.svg)
      7. Postscript (.eps, ps)
      8. Fonts (ttf)
      9. mts files

The disc, which offers free use up to 15 GB, gives the right to use up to 30 TB in its paid version. Disk usage sizes are as follows;

      •  Document limit: 1,024,000 characters and 50 MB
      •  Spreadsheet limit: 400,000 cells, 256 columns, and 20MB
      •  Presentation limit: 400 slides and 50 MB


                               G SUITE PRICE

g suite
google suite


DOCS: Everything you can do in Microsoft office, you can do here for free. You can share your files and folders with other Google docs users. With this application, you can include your friends in your work, and you can also send messages to your friends by clicking the icon marks at the top of the screen while you are working.

Sheets: It is a program that is published as a competitor to Microsoft excel and allows users to create spreadsheets. This application can collaborate with documents and slide programs. The advantages of the app are:

      1. It is a free application.
      2. No installation required.
      3. The application works with cloud logic.
      4. It can also work on portable phones.

SLIDE: It is an application that we can prepare free slides both in the browser and on the mobile.

FORMS: It is a kind of survey and test application. This app is on Google Drive. It also provides the opportunity to share the surveys, forms and tests you create on social media, and you can share them on your websites by creating a link to these processes. Features of  forms;

      • Unlimited templates are available.
      • You can share your files.
      • You can ask different questions according to the answers.
      • You can receive instant notification from survey or test results.

SITES: is an application to create free and easy-to-use sites. It integrates with Google suite tools such as documents, tables and slides. You can easily create a site even if you do not have Google sites html knowledge. It's completely free as long as you don't exceed the 15gb limit.

KEEP: Launched in March 2013, we can say that Keep is Google's note-taking service. It works integrated with documents, calendar, photos. The features of Keep are;

                                If you wish, you can add a title to the note section.
                                You can leave a note with the voice memo feature.
                                You can color your notes.
                                You can share your notes.
                                With the reminder feature, you will implement your plans on time.
                                 You can create drawings.

Apart from these, Google suite, which also has APPS SCRİPT, CLOUD SEARCH, JAMBOARD applications, provides convenience to its users in many jobs.

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