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Microsoft Office 365, which we can also call the enhanced version of Office 2016, is a program that emphasizes the user experience and works with a subscription system. Microsoft 365, designed for small and large businesses, was offered to corporate customers with many innovations.

With the development of technology, there are also developments in the services offered to people. The variation called the cloud has offered opportunities to create faster and less costly environments for all businesses trying to do business over the internet. Many applications have migrated to the cloud environment and are trying to be more efficient for humanity. One of these applications started to offer many advantages developed by itself to better serve Office 365 users. What is Office 365? What does Microsoft 365 do? Let's start answering the questions.

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Microsoft Office 365 provides convenience to 180 million users with its smart cloud system and was developed to be easy to use for first users.

The general feature of cloud-based applications is that they are presented as a working logic separate from place and time. This system also stands out with its subscription system in applications. As in Office 365, yammer, skype, share point applications work with subscription system.

You must have a mobile device, tablet, or computer to use Office apps. Of course, you must also have an internet connection. In this way, you will have the opportunity to establish a direct connection.

There are 5 programs in the Office 365 application.

  1. Appearance
  2. Sharing Point
  3. It can be storage (a drive)
  4. Messaging (chat)
  5. Microsoft Office

Thanks to the cloud system, you can save your incoming e-mails to One Drive, open the file from the e-mail via Word and share it with others via SharePointe. You can give permissions to the people you want to edit the shared files, or you can only allow some people to read them.

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Microsoft gathered all the programs it contains under one roof. It offers you the opportunity to do your work with a single program, such as preparing, saving, editing and sharing your work or sending it by e-mail.

With this program, you can coordinate the work of all your employees in your company. Since it is a cloud-based program, you will not encounter risks such as data loss or data theft. In order to use the Office 365 system, individuals or institutions must obtain a license. These licenses are made with credentials. When you're an Office 365 subscriber, it offers 1TB of storage where you can store your work.


  • It offers users the possibility to make e-mail communication and organize contact directories.
  • Work done with the SharePoint application can be shared with other users.
  • You can communicate with other users via Skype.
  • You can work with applications such as Word, PowerPoint, Excel and One Note.
  • It offers the opportunity to use an up-to-date licensed application on 5 computers and 5 mobile devices per user.
  • 50gb email service.


WORD : Whether you are writing blog posts or doing official correspondence, the program you will use most in all your writing is undoubtedly Word. With the latest updates, the Word program, which has grammar and spelling checks in dozens of languages, also includes many skins. Thanks to the highly efficient spell checker, you can reduce your error rate while writing in your own language and foreign languages, and you can also create a comfortable writing area for yourself by changing the background of the file as you wish.

EXCEL: In both our business and private lives, we sometimes need to prepare tables, create graphs or make calculations. For such activities, using Excel with advanced features will give you a stronger hand. While automatically calculating the data you enter with the formulas you create, you can add an aesthetic appearance to your tables by applying different colors and patterns.

STRENGTH: In meetings at work, we present mainly to impress the other person. Power Point application is one of the best programs with which we can create impressive presentations. With the multimedia tools we will add to the pages, we will be able to play video or audio on the slides and add a different atmosphere to our presentation by using the effect reactions during the conversion. If you don't know how to create a presentation, you can get inspiration from the creators using ready-made presentation templates.


MICROSOFT OUTLOOK: E-mail is the most used communication tool in developing countries. The use of e-mail, both at work and in our private life, has become indispensable today. Microsoft 365 Outlook program is one of the most useful applications for e-mail communication. Also, you don't need to use just one Microsoft account to use Outlook. You can easily add accounts to Outlook from different email services. With Outlook, you can save time when exchanging messages by setting keyboard shortcuts and automatic correspondence, and prepare your calendar by creating a to-do list. Thus, by organizing your business life, you have a plan where you can do more in less time.

ONE DRIVE: One of the best features 365 offers to its users is the One Drive application. In the digital world, we can now store our data in cloud storage systems. Thanks to this program, our security is at the forefront and we can access our data from anywhere in the world. Many service providers can use cloud storage for free up to a certain limit. However, 365 users can take advantage of the 1TB capacity One Drive service. This presents a very interesting advantage for all users who do not want to have problems with storing their information, as it is one of the highest capacities offered in cloud storage services.

In addition to these, all Office applications that will be useful to you are included in Microsoft 365 and will be your first aid in almost every action you take.

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