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It has been announced that the name of Bing Ads, the platform that software giant Microsoft ads uses to create and publish ads on the Bing search engine, has been changed to Microsoft Advertising.

Internet advertising is a good option if you want to attract visitors to your website, introduce your company and make a profit from it. Internet advertising expenditures of companies began to increase more after the pandemic. Spending in the United States exceeds $65 billion.

Microsoft advertising
Microsoft advertising

'Bing Ads', similar to Microsoft's Google platform and used to create, manage and serve promotions on the Bing search engine, i now called Microsoft Advertising.With this development, it was announced that various changes will be made on the company's platform. Bing, Microsoft's advertising services, is improving itself. The company will also run display ads on its other products, such as Xbox,, and MSN. The renaming of Bing Ads to Microsoft Advertising was to make it clear that Microsoft has advertising solutions other than simple search and offers them under one name. The Bing search engine is a search engine that has been used by the whole world for years. Although it was far from ambitious rhetoric when it was first published, it would not be wrong to say that it was successful in its fight against Google, especially in North America and Europe. According to the July 2021 issue of Statcounter's Global Search Engine Market Share report, Bing has a 6% market share, particularly in North America and Western Europe. These numbers show that, based on population, a large audience uses the Bing search engine on a daily basis, at least on their computers. One of the benefits of online advertising is that users can be targeted through DV360 and Google's Display Ads, even if they're not on the Bing platform. Bing's own report. However, the most important thing to remember here is that when you want to search on Bing, it can only be done through its own platform.


Costperclick (Costperclick)

Since most of the competition takes place on Google platforms, we can expect near zero competition when we look at product or service keywords from multiple industries in Bing Ads. Low competition naturally translates into cost-per-click (CPC) and many keywords can be advertised much cheaper than Google.


Looking at the world in general, it can be said that the Google search engine is by far the most used search engine. However, we do know that a significant percentage of users also use other search engine options. That's why we recommend marketers looking to expand their reach using these alternative search engines to reach 6% of users they weren't able to reach before. 

Ease of Use

Bing search engine has almost the same working principle and interface as Google. Similarly, Google Ads and Bing Ads platforms have a similar interface and ad model. Therefore, without the interface, integration happens quickly and ads can be served quickly.


Bing ads work just like Google ads. The main difference is that your campaigns appear on their own supporting search engines such as Bing, Yahoo Search, and AOL Search Network.

 As with Google, your ad's performance is affected by these factors:  

  1. What's your budget per click?,
  2.  how relevant your promotional text is to keywords  ,
  3.  Relevance of texts on the site
  4.  The performance of your keyword selection relative to high or low click-through rate is very important. 


advertising with microsoft ads
microsoft ads registration

Click the register button on the home page. Fill in your required personal information.

After filling in the information, you can accept the agreement and proceed to create an ad.


When setting a goal, you need to choose a goal that fits your purpose. If you are selling online from your website, it would be more beneficial to choose that option.


Extracting the right keywords is crucial to creating an advertising campaign. You can use Microsoft Keyword Planner to do detailed keyword research. Normally, advertisers need to click Tools in the header of their account dashboard to access Keyword Planner, but for your first campaign this will be included directly at you.

Start by entering keywords related to your products and services, then review the results shown to you. What are the average monthly search statistics? What is the competitive rate of the best offer? Does a close variation on the keyword lead to a lower suggested bid? Rank your keywords for your ads.

keyword planner
Microsoft Keyword Planner

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After determining your purpose, it's time to create your ad settings. With search ads or audience ads, microsoft allows you to choose.

Ad types that rank high in Google search results appear as search ads, there are mass advertisements on blog pages, news pages or inside pages of websites. Early advertisers use search ads, which are much easier to implement than audience ads.


The program will ask you to create your first ad. You will see a page with options to add the following:

  1. Your business name
  2. Image (up to six images are displayed at the same time)
  3. Long title (up to 90 characters)
  4. Short title (up to 30 characters)
  5. Message text (up to 90 characters)
  6. Final URL (for desktop and mobile)
  7. After filling in the required fields, click 'Save'.


At this stage, it will ask you to determine your daily budget. Enter the amount that suits you; this is the amount you will pay daily until your campaigns run. From there, Microsoft also estimates the number of clicks and impressions your promotions may receive. You can also see your monthly maximum amount in the daily budget area, how much the app will charge you for a month.

microsoft ad exchange
advertise on bing

Depending on your preference, you can choose how much you want to advertise. 
You can choose a suggested minimum bid or a number that reflects the average cost-per-click in your industry. Be careful not to put your bid strategy on autopilot; You can adjust your advertising fees according to the performance you get from ad conversions.

For example, if a particular effort is converting significantly more than expected, it's time to increase the bid adjustment for those campaigns.


After determining your budget, enter your business and billing information. Then Microsoft will offer two payment options:

Prepaid: You have to prepay for the next month. 

Postpaid: Requires you to pay for your work by the end of September. However, the plans only accept debit and credit cards for company bills. Buy now pay later option may not attract much attention. If you want to use an alternative payment method to cover your promotional costs, your preference should be to pay in advance.


Finally, click Save to start your first Microsoft Ads campaign. Your ads are shown when people searching sites search for your keywords. Make sure to monitor your campaign performance to see which ads are favored by your target audience. You can then try to improve these campaigns and get even better results.  In short, it is important to be an informed user.


If you already have a Google Ads account, you can import your ads and ad groups into Microsoft Ads. You can do this by going to your Microsoft Advertising account and clicking Import from Google Ads (you can do this from the Import button at the top). Connect to Google and let Microsoft Ads import your ads. If you want to import, you need to select the account for that ad unit. Select Advanced Import to import specific ads or budgets. Wait for the import to finish.

Creating a Microsoft Ads account is free, with no platform or maintenance fees. Promotions are also profitable because Microsoft will only charge you for promotions that people click on. These advantages make it preferable for businesses to use Microsoft Ads.

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