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Privacy Policy

Website Privacy Policy

The Website Privacy Policy is the text that specifies what personal information will be collected on websites or applications and how the collected personal data will be processed.

Website User means every real person who benefits from the opportunities offered by the site, can access the information provided by the site, and can navigate the relevant site. In this context, the tools the user uses to access the website (e.g. computer, tablet or smartphone) do not matter. personal data gives all information about the person browsing the site. In this sense, the personal data of the user can be a wide variety of data such as name, surname, address, gender, date of birth or telephone number.

The Privacy Policy has many legal bases for the protection of users' personal data and special legislation on data protection. Websites that need, collect and store users' personal data aim to offer personalized performance and features to users in the light of this data. This is mostly done through Cookies ("Cookies"). Cookies are small text files that are stored by the website on your device or on a network server through your browser when a website is visited. Cookies are generally used for the website to remember user preferences and to prevent certain information from being requested repeatedly every time the visitor uses the site. Cookies also require a Cookie Policy.

Users must accept a site's privacy policy. Thus, users use the system knowing which privacy terms are offered and under which conditions these terms apply.

The privacy policy should specify what data is collected, how it is processed and how this data is stored. Website users should know how secure their data is. In addition, the status of changes in information updates and the rights of users when deletion of information is requested may also be specified in this document.

In case of any change in the text of the privacy policy, it should be announced to all users again.

How to Use This Document?

This document will be published by the owner of the website on the website specified in the document. In this way, the site user is aware of this agreement, approves the agreement and becomes responsible for the related issues.

Questions raised during the preparation of the document must be answered. The Web Site Privacy Policy text created later should be published on the website specified in the document so that it can be accessed by users and members. During membership, the user must be able to access and approve the agreement before completing his membership.


 Legal Basis

Regarding the publication of this agreement on the site, the provisions of the Law on the Protection of the Consumer, the Law on the Protection of Personal Data and the relevant legislation come to the fore.

How to change the sample?

You fill out a form. While you answer the questions on the form, the document is organized in front of your eyes.

When everything is done, the document is sent to you in Word and PDF format. You can modify and reuse the document.

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